Officers testify in Providence murder trial

Tiphany Tallo

Police officers took the stand Wednesday in the murder trial of a man accused of killing a teenager in Providence.

Jurors heard dispatch recordings from May 9, 2011, the day police say 17-year-old Tiphany Tallo was shot and killed.

Prosecutors say Leron Porter fired the fatal shot during a fight between women from the Tallo and Porter families.

Providence police Patrolman Ricardo Silva was the first officer at the scene.

"So, I observed there was some blood on the ground. I observed some females helping her with some wounds," Silva testified.

The details are difficult for Tiphany Tallo's family to hear. But they've been in court for every day of the trial.

"I just want justice for my niece Tiphany," said Adrena Sneed, Tallo's aunt.

"She had a heart of gold. To destroy that at such a young age, it just can't be forgiven," Joseph Tallo, Tallo's uncle, said.

After talking to women at the house, Silva sent out word the other group involved fled in a red Chevrolet Impala.

"I was operating our vehicle back toward Pleasant Valley Parkway a red Impala passed directly in front of us," Providence police Sgt. Kris Poplaski testified.

Poplaski said Porter was the driver.

"The biggest thing I can remember is he was sweating like crazy, just sweating profusely," Poplaski said.

There also were five women in the car.

Poplaski asked the people to get out and found several items.

"There was a dark navy blue Yankees ball cap. There was a wooden bat that had several nails in the end of it," Poplaski said.

The prosecution and Tallo's family hope those items help prove their case.

"To see the people who did that to her put away. That's justice for the rest of your life," Sneed said.

Porter's family also has been in court for the proceedings.

The families have been respectful of each other, giving one another space during breaks.