Bad weather hampering investigation at mill

Officials on Friday were investigating the cause of a fire at a vacant mill in Lincoln that went to six alarms and resulted in part of the structure collapsing.

Crews continued to pour water on hotspots in the century-old building on Carrington Street. Its oil-soaked floors fueled an inferno that burned for hours Thursday.

"Chances are that if that building, which is empty, next door went, that my building would go too," said business owner Pat Ryan.

Ryan owns the building adjacent to the abandoned mill. Ryco's Fabric Co. is the closest business. Ryan said her building escaped with minimal damage.

"The firemen did an incredible job. They were on the roof. They were shooting the water everywhere. We have a little bit of water damage, very little, and the store is perfect," Ryan said.

The Lonsdale fire chief said crews used water from a nearby pond as well as hydrants in the mill complex to fight the fire.

The state fire marshal said crews were pulled out of the building for their safety Friday afternoon because heavy winds were expected. The fire marshal said he expects to have to demolish at least part of the building.

Investigators will go back inside what's left of the building on Saturday.