Oldest living Red Sox player pushing for Series win

Lou Lucier pitched for the Boston Red Sox from 1943 to 1944.

The 95-year-old remembers his first day talking to first baseman Tony Lupien.

"Here I am, pitching for the Red Sox. I can't believe it. He says, 'You are, you really are. You're right on the mound,'" Lucier said.

Lucier remembers his first pitch.

"A strike and nobody's going to dispute that. No one will dispute it," he said.

Lucier said it's a memory he'll always cherish, playing for the Red Sox.

He remembers getting the call from then owner Tom Yawkey, and what you could call his signing bonus. It was a box full of cash.

"I was only making $25 a week then. And here's a guy handing me $1,000 and I said I want to thank you very much for it," Lucier said.

Lucier has been recognized many times over the years and in 2008 was awarded by the Baseball Writers Association of America.

He was also part of the ceremony celebrating Fenway Park's 100th anniversary.

Lucier was born in 1918, the year Boston last won the World Series at home.

He said he'd love to see the Red Sox win it for a third time in the past decade.

"They've got to win. Got to win now. They'll win (Wednesday) night I'll bet," Lucier said.