O'Malley will use return ticket to Boston

Boston Archbishop Sean O'Malley is one of the cardinals who took part in the conclave to elect a new pope.

It was a long, anxious wait for Catholics who hoped the next pope would be from New England.

"I am a little disappointed that it wasn't someone from America," said one man outside Boston's cathedral Wednesday.

For many, the top contender in the conclave was O'Malley.

Known as a thoughtful and humble leader, O'Malley favors the brown friars' frock instead of ornate vestments. Before coming to Boston, O'Malley was the bishop of Fall River.

When he was appointed archbishop of Boston in 2003, the region was embroiled in the Church sex-abuse scandal. O'Malley is credited with dealing with the problem and restoring many people's faith in the Church.

He famously sold a large archdiocese-owned estate and moved into a small apartment to help settle the $85 million lawsuit.

"That's why I thought he was a good candidate," a woman said.

Millions saw white smoke from the Vatican, and yellow banners at churches around the world signaled a new pope had been elected.

As the curtains were pulled back, it was Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina who appeared on the balcony.

That may be just fine by O'Malley, who said he would hate to waste a return ticket.