Only on 10: Man attacked by raccoon in car

Providence Animal Control said a man on Yale Avenue was attacked by a raccoon as he was getting out of his car Wednesday night.

"He had managed to tear his clothes up a little bit and when he shut the door, I guess he looked ahead and there were like eight more raccoons," said Providence Animal Control supervisor Scott Scofield.

The man's condition was not immediately known.

Neighbors said the raccoons are large and scary.

"Whenever I walked to the top of the deck and I saw those four eyes looking at me, I screamed and jumped," said neighbor Pat Zitano.

Raccoons have also been spotted on Carol O'Neill's deck. She said they found their way under a grill cover where the family stores cat food and tore into the bag.

Zitano and O'Neill said they would often leave food out on the deck for stray cats or squirrels in the neighborhood.

"I don't leave it no more. I can't. I can't leave it any more. (Providence Animal Control) told me not to," O'Neill said.

Scofield said raccoons are always searching for a food source, so it's important to report any sightings and keep your pets safe.

"Please get your animals inoculated for rabies. That's so important. Your cats, your dogs. Rabies kills," he said.

Scofield said officers were scouring the area Thursday to try and catch the critters. However, neighbors are still on edge.

"Everything's been thrown away. The peanuts, everything. All the dishes. Everything's been thrown away, so that's the precaution," Zitano said.

"I'm worried about the neighbors. They got children. I have to call somebody," O'Neill said.