Only on 10: Shooting victim tells his story

Carlos Gonzalez

Hours after Cranston shooting suspect Thomas Alejo was in court Friday, one of the shooting victims spoke for the first time to NBC 10 News.

Carlos Gonzalez was shot in the neck and leg. His girlfriend, who is Alejo's estranged wife, was shot in the leg. Both are now out of the hospital after the shooting Wednesday evening in a parking lot on Park Avenue.

Gonzalez told NBC 10 that Alejo started talking to his estranged wife outside the martial arts studio where they both had children in class.{}

"He addressed Linda. As he addressed her, his tone started getting disrespectful and his mannerisms as well. I sincerely stated to him there's a better way of addressing a lady, you know. He said, 'I'll be back, you stay here.'{} I said, 'I'll be right here,'" Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez said Alejo returned about 15 minutes later.{}

"He was directly in front of me, 4 feet in front of me, he pulls up the gun.{} He says, 'I told you I'd be back' and fired," Gonzalez said.

The first shot missed and Gonzalez tried to find cover between cars.

"A bullet caught me on my neck. It went through my neck and now it's right here. It's still in here. I fell face down. Linda, to distract him, she jumped on top of him and he knocked her off and he shot her in her leg. He walked back to me, stood over me, and shot me in my leg. I thought about my son, because my parents were murdered when I was a kid.{} I know what it's like to not have parents," Gonzalez said.

Police say Alejo drove off after the shooting, hid out with a relative, and was caught about 24 hours later, Thursday evening, at a home in Warwick.

Alejo was in court Friday where he was accused of trying to kill his ex-wife and Gonzalez.{} Alejo interrupted the judge several times to dispute the allegations saying, "Your honor, I did not try to kill these people.{} If I did, they'd be dead.{} So that's for the record."{}

The judge told Alejo to stop talking, but he spoke up again a couple minutes later when the judge was explaining a no-contact order.

"My business is done.{} If I wanted them dead, they'd be dead," Alejo said.

The judge then ordered court officers to remove Alejo from the courtroom.{} He's being held on $500,000 surety bail.

Gonzalez told NBC 10 that Alejo was trying to kill him.

"I'm glad he was a bad shot. He was 4 feet away from me. His first shot was at my face," Gonzalez said. "Yeah, he tried to kill me."