Only on 10: Child left stranded in Providence

A 5-year-old girl was dropped off by a school bus and left to wander the streets in Providence for more than an hour instead of being bused to day care.

"They just dropped my kid off on Branch Avenue," said Antonia Dwyer.

Dwyer told NBC 10 her daughter attends Harry Kizirian Elementary School. Dwyer said her daughter got on a bus Wednesday instead of getting on a van that was scheduled to pick her up and take her to day care.

"I called the school in the morning. I told them not to put her on the bus. They told me to write a note to the teacher. I wrote a note to the teacher. When I got out of work, I sat at the day care. The day care couldn't find her. The day care van was still at the school," Dwyer said.

The woman who runs the day care said they were expecting to see the girl and became worried when she didn't show.

"Someone called the mother saying we found your daughter walking home. Other than that, we don't know anything else," said Jadaira Flores, who works at the daughter's day care.

Flores said they tried to contact the bus company.

"They were not cooperating. We called several times on multiple occasions and they were just letting us know that they would be running late," she said.

The little girl was later dropped off on Branch Avenue.

Dwyer told NBC 10 that a random couple saw her wandering and took care of her. Dwyer later picked up her daughter at a diner.

"No one wants to hear their kid's missing when you're supposed to trust the school," Dwyer said.

Providence School Superintendent Susan Lusi said in a statement that the girl being left at a bus stop is "inexcusable under our procedures which require that child under 8 years old be met by a parent or caregiver. As such, the bus monitor on that route has been suspended pending full investigation of this and the larger series of events."

Lusi said the school department deeply regrets the series of errors and was examining school procedures to prevent such instances in the future.