Orange stickers mark party houses in Providence

Providence police promise to strictly enforce a crackdown on so-called party houses near Providence College.

Your alma mater probably had one: a row of houses where a majority of college students lived, and judging by the plastic cups filled with beer outside, also partied.

Students on Oakland Avenue in Providence don't deny that's what goes on here.

"All the Rhode Island colleges live around here, and if there are college kids they're going to want to party," said Austin Scoggin, a college student.

Scoggin's house was labeled a nuisance by police for that activity. His house is one of three with an orange sign out front.

The signs point to party houses and they shouldn't be seen as an invitation. They've been placed on houses where police have been called and if they have to come back it will cost tenants and landlords $500 apiece.

Scoggin said he feels he was unfairly targeted.

"One hundred percent unfairly targeted. We didn't even have a party. There was less than 20 people in our house," Scoggin said.

"They're being targeted and they will continue to be targeted. It's not unfair. There's nothing inappropriate or illegal about the ordinance," said Providence police Maj. Thomas Verdi.

A similar ordinance went into effect in Narragansett in 2005. In that instance, police were able to curb excessive drinking at student rentals.

"We are hoping in Providence to experience the same success," Verdi said.

For students who say they'll just move the party down the street, police warn that won't work.

"It will change. It has to change. We cannot continue to allow this," Verdi said.

Police said the ordinance will be strictly enforced over the Halloween weekend.