Dozens of wedding guests sickened with norovirus

The Rhode Island Department of Health is investigating how dozens of people came down with norovirus? after attending an event at a banquet hall in West Warwick.

Several people attended a wedding at the West Valley Inn on April 5.

The Health Department said 74 people reported being sick. The department said the virus was not spread by contaminated food, but by a sick person who was very contagious.

The Health Department inspected the West Valley Inn on April 10.

"The health department determined that it was not a food-borne illness, but a viral infection, which is passed from person to person," Executive Chef Steve Simas said.

The West Valley Inn said workers were checked to see if they could have spread the sickness.

One person did test positive for norovirus, but the West Valley Inn said it doesn't think she caused the outbreak.

"We have one hostess that was confirmed ill on a Tuesday, which was several days after the party. It's yet to be determined how she became ill," Simas said.

A representative for the restaurant said no patrons from other events going on at the same time reported any illnesses.