Owner pleads for dog's life following alleged attack

The owner of a bulldog-boxer mix is hoping it will be spared after a Portsmouth woman told police it killed her dog on Sunday night.

Caroline Miller told police the dog, named Tyson, came out of the bushes near her home on Fox Run Road and bit her dog in the neck and face and began shaking it. She says the bulldog eventually killed her dog.

Alexandra Lee, Tyson's owner, said the dog was only gone for a matter of minutes. She said she couldn't go after it because they have a baby at home.

Lee told NBC 10 that her dog didn't have any blood on it when it returned and doesn't have a history of violent behavior.

"He doesn't do things like that. That's not him. I don't believe that he just jumped out of a bush and started attacking," Lee said.

The dog is being held at the Robert Potter League for Animals in Middletown.

A hearing is scheduled at 1 p.m. on Monday at Portsmouth City Hall.

Three board members, one from Portsmouth police, one from the Rhode Island SPCA and one from the community will decide the dog's fate.

Punishment could range from a muzzle to euthanizing the dog.