Owner trying to raise funds for paralyzed pup

Angel uses a wheel cart to get around most of the time

A Coventry woman is raising money for much-needed surgeries for her beloved pet.

Angel, a 6-month old Samoyed puppy suffers from nerve damage so bad that she cannot use her hind legs. She uses a wheel cart to get around most of the time but as she grows, so do the costs of keeping her mobile.

She undergoes therapy treatment weekly to try to wake up the nerves in her legs, and her owner hopes that soon, reconstructive surgery will allow her to walk again.

"It's very expensive for the acupuncture and the laser and I want to start her on hydrotherapy to build the muscles in her hips and then surgery could run in the thousands to fix it but I don't want to give up. I want to keep her going," Donna Glickman of Coventry told NBC 10.

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