Paddle boat stranded in Glocester

The Indian Princess sits in the parking lot of a restaurant in Glocester, Monday, Aug. 11, 2014, waiting for the parts needed to meet rigging regulations in Connecticut.

A paddle wheel boat heading to Indian Ranch in Webster, Massachusetts, remained stuck in Rhode Island on Monday as the mover waits for parts so it can meet Connecticut towing regulations.

The Indian Princess has been sitting in the parking lot of a Glocester restaurant for a week.

A Connecticut inspector told movers the boat did not meet all rigging regulations. Webster Ventures owns the boat, and a spokeswoman said transport regulations differ from state to state and that the company is not deterred by the rigging delay.

Vito Lomuscio owns the trucking company moving the boat. He's waiting for a shipment of rigging equipment to meet Connecticut requirements. Once that equipment arrives, the Indian Princess will make the 17-mile trip to Indian Ranch.

Once it arrives in Webster, it could take weeks for workers to reassemble the vessel. The top level and the paddle wheel of the 75-foot boat are already at Indian Ranch. The boat was in Barrington before the move.

People who live on Webster Lake have mixed feelings about the arrival of the historic paddle wheel boat. Many don't want to see the Indian Princess on the water.

Indian Ranch, a concert and banquet venue, plans to launch the boat sometime this year. The business owner still needs approval from the Webster planning board to build a bigger dock.