Parent not satisfied with school's response

NBC 10 obtained a letter Friday that was sent from the principal to the parents of a Fall River elementary school after two kindergarten girls walked away during school hours.

For the mother of one of the two girls who left the school unattended, she's not satisfied thus far with the school's response.

"Yesterday, two kindergarten students decided to leave school," the letter from the Mary L. Fonseca School begins.

"The children told their classmates of their plan during recess, but none of the children notified an adult," the letter said.

The letter dated Thursday goes on to say the school has visited all kindergarten and first grade classrooms to discuss stranger danger and the importance of staying in school.

It comes after Kerri Lafleur's daughter, Alivia, and another student left school earlier this week. They got out without an adult noticing and were found off the school's campus walking around the city.

"My daughter didn't plot anything during recess. She's 5. She left the school with a friend," Lafleur said.

Someone who wishes to remain anonymous but who says they work inside the school claims the security camera system at the school hasn't been working for some time.

NBC 10 wanted to ask the superintendent about that, but were told only that the investigation is ongoing and to wait for an official statement.

Lafleur said she did meet with the superintendent.

"She apologized to me personally, which, honestly, I don't really care. There hasn't even been a public apology even in the newsletter from the school," Lafleur said.

Lafleur said she was also told the surveillance system wasn't working.

"I asked her for how long, and her response was she didn't know," Lafleur said.

NBC 10 is still waiting for a response from the school department.