Parents deal with water main break at LLWS

Rhonda Thibeault says she's OK with her son, Trey, staying with her at her hotel room after a water main break at the players' dorms forced players to stay with their parents on guardians.

A water main break was reported Friday at the players' dorms at the Little League World Series, forcing players to stay with their parents or guardians.

Players who don't have any parents or guardians with them will stay at Little League-owned houses in town.

The news filtered down to parents of the players on the Cumberland American Little League team, who found out while they were watching the team play against Texas.

"It's ok. I'm excited because we can probably take him back to our hotel. So I get to spend more time with him. So I'm really, really excited," Rhonda Thibeault said.

"I've been here every day and every day I'm here for six to eight hours and I only get to spend about 45 minutes with him. But hopefully he can come back tonight, stay up a little later, and come back tomorrow," Chuck Thibeault said.

Little League officials confirmed the water main break, but have not said much else.