Parents complain about shortage of school bus drivers

The start of the school year has not been smooth for students who ride the bus in Cranston.

A rash of drivers calling out sick and an overall shortage of qualified bus drivers mean some long rides for children.

Parents say nobody is communicating with them.

Cranston school officials admitted they don't have enough bus drivers. More will be hired and trained, but that could take several weeks.

"So you have to train them, and that takes a number of weeks. And then they have to go to the registry, take the test, and pass it, get the license. And then they're eligible to go on the road by themselves," said Raymond Votto of Cranston Public Schools.

In the meantime, parents who've been worried about buses that arrive much later than scheduled want Cranston school officials to keep them informed.

Cranston school officials said the delays are hitting Glen Hills School and Immaculate Conception Elementary, which uses Cranston buses.

It sounds like it will be most of the month -- or longer -- until the buses start running on time.