Passengers get free pizza on tarmac

Passengers on a flight from Boston to Atlanta were delivered pizza after they were diverted because of weather.

They had to wait for hours for the runway to clear, but thanks to one special delivery, they didn't have to sit there on an empty stomach.

A possible tornado on the ground in Atlanta caused some problems in the air for people traveling from Boston.

"Normal flight, going down to Atlanta, en route, the pilot came over the PA and said there was some real bad weather in Atlanta and we'll have to circle for a while and then maybe we can land. Well, we circled for a while, the pilot told us we're running a little low on fuel so we need divert so then we went over to Knoxville, Tennessee," said Ryan Wood, a passenger.

Wood says for all of the passengers, the hectic day was made better with a simple slice.

He doesn't know who ordered the pizza, but he thinks it was the pilot.

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