PawSox players to receive championship rings

A drawing of the design of the rings that will be given to members of the Pawtucket Red Sox 2012 Governor's Cup championship team.

After winning the prestigious Governor's Cup this past summer, the celebration has continued from McCoy Stadium and will culminate with a ring presentation at Pawtucket's home opener on April 11.

NBC 10 had a sneak peek at what the rings will look like from PawSox General Manager Lou Schwechheimer.

"I think the fact that having the PawSox 'P,' which is our iconic symbol, was the most important part. Everybody wanted to see the 'P' as part of the ring. Then, if you look at it you see the baseball diamond. There is a ruby at every base. The red signifies the Red Sox and then looking at the design, we wanted every single player to have their name on the ring with his number," Schwechheimer said.

Schwechheimer along with his staff and former PawSox skipper Arnie Beyeler came together for this creation, and they had a lot of influences from the Red Sox World Series rings.

The PawSox have turned to Jostens to make more than 100 rings.

"So every player that was on the Governor's Cup championship team is going to get the ring and then every player that put on a PawSox uniform for a 30-day period is going to get the ring," Schwechheimer said.