Pawtucket barber stabbed while giving a haircut

A Pawtucket barber is out of the hospital after being stabbed at work Wednesday afternoon.

"It was just boom, boom. I thought I got punched. Then by the time I turned around, blood was just shooting out my ear," Jermaine Cabagno told NBC 10. "They stitched the back of my ear. I got sliced in my shoulder, poked in my other shoulder and he sliced me through the back of my ear and it came right through the front of my ear."

Pawtucket Police accuse Abraham Silva in what they called an unprovoked attack at Major League Cuts on Pleasant Street.

Cabagno was in the middle of giving a customer a haircut.

Cabagno told NBC 10, "I heard him call a name but I didn't recognize him because I didn't see him yet. My back was faced toward him the whole timeThen when I'm doing the haircut I just felt someone hitting me in the back of my neck. By the time I got turned around, my ear was already sliced open so the blood was going everywhere so I didn't get to hear nothing. Then a customer just ran after him and the cops came."

Officers arrested Silva not far away.

Cabagno spent about 24 hours in the hospital. "It's just a dumb incident. I had nothing to do with it. I don't even know what happened. He just came in and did it. I didn't expect nothing."

Silva was in court Thursday and ordered to a hospital for treatment.