Pawtucket bridge lights up sky, well almost

Bright purple lights sparkle along the new Pawtucket River Bridge except for one spot.

The celebrated lights on the new Interstate 95 Pawtucket River Bridge seem to have a dark patch. A section of lights, about 20 feet long, that is supposed to illuminate the girder below is out.

The lights on the new bridge were just turned on to fanfare over the weekend. Now Rhode Island Department of Transportation spokeswoman Rose Amoros told NBC 10 it learned of the glitch from a phone call from Channel 10.

She said they would be sending the contractor out to check it out Tuesday night. The DOT spokeswoman says it's a brand new installation and they'll work to resolve any issues, to work out the kinks and make sure everything is working before they accept the bridge as complete from the contractor.

Amoros says the project is in its final stages, when the DOT will look out for any issues for the contractor to fix before it is accepted as complete.