Police believe Pawtucket homicide linked to marijuana growing

Pawtucket Police believe they may have a motive in the homicide investigation of Jeffrey Lebrun, who was shot to death in his home in the early morning hours on July 28th.

According to a report in the Providence Journal, Jeffrey Lebrun was a medical marijuana card-holder, who talked openly about a grow marijuana operation that he had inside his home. Police believe this may be the reason that the 41 year old man was the target of two home intrusions in the last two months.

The Providence Journal reports that new details about the homicide investigation came out on Friday in an affidavit that accompanied a search warrant which was written by one of the detectives who investigated the initial attack and are currently investigating his death.

During the investigation of the initial home invasion that took place in May, "Detectives Donti Rosciti and Dave Silva learned that numerous people had knowledge of the marijuana that was stored and sold at the house," according to the affidavit.

The affidavit also states that there was a large amount of marijuana and packaging material found inside the house after Lebrun's murder. It then goes on to say that the detectives believe that the suspects came in through an open door or were allowed entry on Sunday leading to the possibility that those responsible were people the suspect knew and may have attempted to communicate with them. Police are now examining Lebrun's cellphone records to see if they can identify the suspects.