Pawtucket officer pleads not guilty to stealing gas

A Pawtucket officer accused of stealing gas from city pumps pleaded not guilty to the charge on Friday.

Ken Provost was arraigned in Providence District Court. He's charged with stealing about $700 worth of fuel.

Provost remains suspended with pay.

An NBC 10 I-Team investigation revealed that over the past three years, Provost repeatedly entered the vehicle number for a police SUV and sometimes pumped more than 40 gallons in an eight-hour shift.

State police built their case on surveillance video that showed Provost filling gas cans and personal vehicles.

However the video only goes back about 90 days, so detectives were forced to base the case on the past few months.

Provost's attorney told NBC 10 his client hoped to put the case behind him in court Friday, but that didn't happen.

Provost is due back in court on Sept. 25.