Pawtucket River Bridge lights up for the first time

It took 83 million dollars to build, and three years to do it, but now Pawtucket has a new gem, the Pawtucket River Bridge, which was lit for the first time Saturday night for all to see.

The citizens have spoken, and the newest piece of Pawtucket architecture is a big hit. Pawtucket resident Brian Russell told NBC 10 "it's McCoy Stadium and the bridge now. The two best things in Pawtucket so far."

The bridge is the latest change for residents who grew up in the area, like Dianne Goyer who told NBC 10 "it's beautiful. It's really nice. Things have changed so much."

And things are about to change for the better for commuters. The beauty of the bridge comes paired with efficiency.

The bridge's art deco design was chosen to match that of city hall. It's been a long time coming, but residents nearby are happiest that the construction is complete.

Along with the obvious architectural beauty of the bridge, the thing that many people find most exciting are the lights that decorate the bridge. They change colors and you can see them from miles away.

This bridge is the first step in a riverfront revitalization project that will include a bike path, and open access the likes of which Pawtucket has never before seen.