Pawtucket sees 5 pizza delivery robberies this month

Pawtucket Police are investigating a string of delivery driver hold-ups. Five drivers have been robbed since the beginning of November.

The latest robbery was Wednesday night when a driver from Bill's Pizza was threatened with a gun and a knife.

The owner of the shop, who did not want his name revealed, told NBC10, "A couple of guys come over, they wait for him over there and they rob his money, his phone. One's got a gun, the other with a knife."

Pawtucket Police tell NBC 10 drivers from Papa John's, Moon Star Restaurant, and two from Dominos have also been robbed.

At Bill's, the owner says it's their first robbery in 6 years of business. "You feel bad because you're working every day to make some money. So somebody come to get it, it's not niceWe're gonna take care a little more and see what happens. I hope it doesn't happen to us again and nobody else," he said.

Police are looking into whether the robberies are connected.

None of the drivers have been hurt.