Student site allegedly exposes nude photos of high schoolers

Taunton police are investigating potential criminal activity involving Taunton High School students and nude photos.

Taunton High School students areaccused of setting up a website and charging other students a fee to visit thesite where they can see nude photos of their classmates. "That'sdisgusting and should not happen ever," Taunton High School Student, JessicaClasby said Thursday.

The students involved in this incident are facing potentialcriminal charges. School Superintendent Julie Hackett says she's waiting forthe investigation to wrap up before determining how students should bepunished. "We have no reason to believe students are unsafe and will continuecommunicating directly with the Police Department," Hackett said.

Hackett says she believes the incident is limited to TauntonHigh School Students, but police say pictures of students from other areaschools have been seen on the website. ""It's being investigated by the police department. It's an ongoinginvestigation, and that's about all I can let you know," Hackett said.