Pell was registered as Democratic and Republican in two states

Clay Pell was registered as Republican in Arizona and a Democrat in Rhode Island.

During Wednesday's night gubernatorial debate, an online report from reported that Democratic candidate Clay Pell was registered as a Republican in Arizona from 1999 until 2009.

But he was registered Democrat in Rhode Island as of 2003.

NBC 10's Dan Jaehnig asked him about that report after the debate.

"I learned early on that I could not be a Republican. My values are those of opportunities and beliefs in the future of the people of this state," Pell told NBC 10.

Pell said he became a Democrat when he went to college, but could not recall the exact date.

After the interview, his campaign said Pell switched from the Republican party to the Democratic party in 2003.

The reason why he was still listed as a Republican in Arizona is because he didn't un-register when he moved.

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