Pellet stove owners scrambling to find pellets

The O'Connor family in Providence has been heating its home with wood pellets for about 20 years.

"We really enjoy the heat we get from it. Makes it a lot warmer," said Adriene O'Connor.

And it cuts down on the family's gas bill. But now, finding wood pellets is like striking gold.

"Never had this problem, always had luck finding pellets," O'Connor said.

Not this year. She's down to her last few bags.

"Usually buy two tons at the beginning and at the end of season. We buy another ton but then everyone was like, 'We can't get pellets,'" O'Connor said.

A quick check on some home improvement stores online, and the same message is conveyed - out of stock.

Pellets Direct in Uxbridge, Mass., is out of them but expects a shipment Wednesday morning.

At Frederickson Farm in Scituate, the last shipment it received was gone in two hours.

Owner Howie Frederickson said the growing popularity of pellet stoves combined with an especially cold winter has suppliers trying to meet demand.

"They were doing fine until a month ago. But this winter is continuing here and they're trying to keep up with it," Frederickson said.

He said the farm has had to ration what they give to customers and spread the wealth.

"We're trying to help everyone giving people up to 10 bags. That'll get you through 7 to 10 days until we get more in," Frederickson said.

He said they expect more on Thursday morning.

However for O'Connor and others, there's light at the end of the tunnel.

"It is frustrating but I say spring is coming," she said.