Family's bulldog killed in Woonsocket fire

Cleanup crews spent Thursday morning boarding up 220 Larch St. in Woonsocket after a late-night fire destroyed nearly everything on the first floor.

"Due to the heat and the extent of the fire, everything was pretty much ash in the room," Capt. Michael Morin, the assistant deputy fire marshal, said.

The fire was ruled accidental. A heater from a waterbed ignited, engulfing the home in flames and heavy black smoke Wednesday night.

Neighbors watched in disbelief.

"Last night we heard a lot of yelling. I looked out and saw flames shooting through the back of the house. The whole backside was glowing," said neighbor Christina Marcoux.

The couple who lived in the house made it out safely, but their 13-year-old French bulldog was killed. The fire chief said winter conditions complicated their efforts.

One firefighter was sent to a hospital after slipping on the icy driveway.

"When the call came in, it was at a time when it was rain, snow, sleet. So, it hampered a lot of our efforts. It was a two-alarm fire in the city," Fire Chief Timothy Walsh said.

Marcoux hasn't seen her neighbors since the fire. She wants them to know they're in her thoughts.

"Just hang in there. What else can you do? Take it one step at a time and try and get back on your feet," Marcoux said.