PETA defends Thanksgiving ad

It looks an old-fashioned image of the holiday from yesteryear, but it reveals to a Thanksgiving horror show.

It's the latest ad from PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

The animal rights group plans to put up the ads around Providence, which it hopes to use as a test market for its Thanksgiving campaign.

The ad will be what's called a lenticular image, where you see two different pictures depending on the angle at which you view the image.

In PETA's ad, a taller person, like an adult, would see a family around the dinner table carving into a cooked turkey, everyone smiling. But at a different angle, people less than 4 feet tall, like children, see a mom chopping up a live turkey with blood splattering all over.

A PETA spokeswoman told NBC 10 News the organization doesn't think Thanksgiving should be about killing turkeys.

"Our animated ad is no more violent that many of the cartoons that are already marketed to kids. The difference is our ad teaches kids about compassion and non-violence," spokeswoman Lindsay Rajt said.

Rajt said the ad is meant to spark a discussion between children and parents.

"We think kids deserve to know where their food comes from. We want to help them make that connection between the dead turkey who's on the table and the terrified bird that lost his life to end up as the Thanksgiving meal," Rajt said.