Farm owner, woman dispute over pig

A woman says she paid $1,000 to rescue a pot-bellied pig from a Scituate farm to give it to the Rhode Island Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, however the farm's owner says he didn't receive any money and the animal was stolen.

Anne Gardner says the pig was taken to Pot Belly Pig Rescue in North Kingstown.

The RISPCA was concerned about the condition of the pig at Bonniedale Farm after receiving complaints that it was neglected.

"She's been going downhill ever since she's been (at Bonniedale)," Kathy Larante told NBC 10 on Friday.

The president of the RISPCA, Dr. E.J. Finocchio, said the pig was underweight and its living conditions were subpar, but that the treatment did not rise to the level of neglect.

But the owner of Bonniedale, Dan McKenzie, told NBC 10 on Monday that nobody bought the pig, that he doesn't sell animals and that the pig was stolen.

He argued that the pig was fine and that Larante has an ax to grind. McKenzie also said the RISPCA is out to make him look bad.

Gardner told NBC 10 she paid McKenzie $1,000 on Saturday to buy the pig and tried to get it in her car, but couldn't. She said she would come back later with a trailer, but McKenzie wasn't there. Gardner said she left a message with McKenzie saying she took the pig.

McKenzie called Gardner a "crazy lady", and that he wishes he received $1,000.

He said he's offering a reward to learn about the whereabouts of the pig, and is offering two bags of dog food and $20.

Gardner called McKenzie a "liar and a thief."

She said it is hysterical the farm's owner is claiming the pig is stolen.

McKenzie is also facing animal neglect charges for failing to take care of a horse. Authorities claim the horse lost more than 200 pounds while in his care.

McKenzie told NBC 10 that the horse was not his.