Pilot apologizes for firing rifles from helicopter

A pilot has apologized for shooting rifles with friends from a low-flying helicopter in Charlestown.

The Westerly Sun reported that Dean F. Scalera said he "apologized up and down" and promised it won't happen again.

Charlestown police received a report Sunday of men firing semi-automatic pistols and rifles from a helicopter. The men were shooting at a junked car in a semi-rural area.

Charlestown Police Sgt. Philip B. Gingerella Sr. reported that when he asked Scalera why he thought it was a good idea to fire guns in a populated area, Scalera said the helicopter was low enough to be safe and he knew of pilots in other areas who have done the same thing.

"In Rhode Island?" Gingerella asked.

"No, Texas," Scalera replied.

Gingerella replied, "This is Rhode Island, not Texas."