Dead dog dumped in Acushnet

The photo of a dead pit bull laid out on a black garbage bag and a blanket is hard to look at, and dog lovers from around Acushnet and the surrounding region are upset.

"Yes, it's very disturbing, especially coming from a dog owner like myself," said Kyle Soares.

Soares is talking about the dead dog a resident discovered by the water's edge near the corner of River and Slocum Streets at about 12:15 p.m. Thursday.

Acushnet Animal Control Officer Rebekah Tomlinson told NBC 10 News a witness said they watched a man dump a bag out of a baby stroller near the river bank, just beyond a bridge on River Street.

"He was in a gray sweat suit, and he had a black stocking hat on. He apparently dumped, or tilted over the baby carriage and the bag fell out. So the person went over to where it was at the edge of the river, and they noticed that there was a bag there. And they were afraid to look in the bag. They called the station, and the police did open the bag, and they noticed that it was a dead animal in there," Tomlinson said.

The animal was a 3-and-a-half year old female pit bull, a dog that Tomlinson said was very sick before it died.

"She was emaciated. She was 33.8 pounds when I took her to the vet this afternoon, and a dog of that age and that size should have been approximately 60 to 65 pounds. Also, she had bruises on her, she had abrasions on her thighs, and her nose had scabs on it. She had yellowing on her feet which indicated to me that she had been crated, and was lying in her own urine. The blanket (that was found in the bag) had a very strong smell of urine," Tomlinson said.

"This dog did not deserve to be found this way, in a bag, thrown out like she was a piece of garbage," She said.

Around Acushnet, residents were equally as horrified.

"I think it's terrible, I mean, to have it happen in Acushnet, it's a pretty boring here most of the time. It's just kind of crazy to think that someone would do that to a dog, abuse it and leave it on the street for dead, you know?" said Brian Silvia.

"I think the person should be charged, definitely charged. Animal cruelty is awful in every way. There is nothing right about that at all," Soares said.

Tomlinson said both Acushnet Animal Control and local police are seeking tips and leads on the case.

"When we see something like this, it just brings it to another level. And right now we're looking for the public's help. We need to find anyone that might have seen that bag dropped off, or if they noticed this dog, this Pit Bull at their neighbor's house, and now it's not there anymore. Please just make a phone call to police," Tomlinson said.

Acushnet police can be reached at 508-995-5192.