Pit bull shows devotion to injured Chihuahua

Chachi the Chihuahua and Joanie the pit bull

Animal control officers in Savannah, Georgia, may have found a home for two special friends.

Two dogs, nicknamed Joanie and Chachi, were found wandering the streets earlier this month. The white pit bull mix was protecting the long-hair Chihuahua mix because of an eye injury.

Chachi had a terrible eye infection. Joanie carried him from place to place in her mouth. She'd occasionally stop to lick his swollen eye.

Veterinarians were unable to save Chachi's eye, but he's been doing fine since surgery.

Animal control officer Christina Sutherin of the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department said it would be best if the two are adopted together.

"Because of the bond the two of them have that is obvious, they both just light up whenever they are around each other, we would really like to have them placed in a home together to be able to continue that bond. Sometimes separating them, they do go through an emotional stage where they do feel separation," Sutherin said.

People from all over the country have expressed an interest in adopting the dogs, but Sutherin said a suitable home may have been found in Florida.

Their names come from the characters on the television show "Happy Days" and its spinoff "Joanie Loves Chachi."