Police charge parents after baby ingests cocaine

Two parents were charged with child neglect after West Warwick police said their baby ingested cocaine.

Police were called to Hasbro Children's Hospital on July 25 after hospital staff said a 9-month-old had been treated for cocaine ingestion.

Police said 25-year-old Erin Hobin admitted that she and 31-year-old Christopher Kidd are habitual heroin users and that two days prior had used cocaine together.

Police said they found narcotics, prescription pills and drug paraphernalia at their house. Police said all of the items were easily accessible to children, and seized by detectives.

"For a 9-month-old, whose body is a lot smaller, any little bit of these illegal substances in the body can be detrimental, could be fatal to a child. And for a 9-month-old to get access to these narcotics is very troubling to the police department," said Detective Sgt. Scott Amaral of the West Warwick Police Department.

Hobin and Kidd were arrested on Sept. 13 and charged with child neglect. They were arraigned in Family Court on neglect charges and in District Court for violation of probation. Both were held without bail.

Police said the couple's baby and another child were placed into the care of the Department of Children, Youth and Families.

A man who identified himself as Hobin's stepfather told NBC 10 that his stepdaughter is seeking help.