Rhode Island State Police honor fallen officers

Rhode Island State Police honor those who have given their lives protecting others.

Current and retired officers, their families and friends gathered at the Rhode Island State Police barracks in North Scituate on Tuesday to honor those officers who've given their lives to protect the community.

"I look forward to it every year," said retired state trooper Don Bodington.

"It's a nice opportunity to say thank you," said former state police Superintendent Brendan Doherty.

Bodington said the stories get better every year.

NBC 10 met Mary Gallivan last year.

Gallivan, who just turned 102, said her brother was killed in the line of duty decades ago. She was at the ceremony Tuesday in his honor.

"He was wonderful. Everybody loved him. He was 6-feet tall, handsome," she said.

Because of NBC 10's story last year, Gallivan met Bill Fleming, a second cousin never knew she had.

"My father thought he was the last one living, but Mary's outdone him. She's 102 and in great health," Fleming said.

Stories like the one Gallivan and Fleming shared were common Tuesday.

"These are all my brothers. I have to be here with them," Bodington said.

And that's what keeps them coming back, a chance to reunite and say thank you to those brave enough to make the ultimate sacrifice for safety.