Police: Dog that attacked boy in custody

Two dogs, one of which attacked and injured a 12-year-old boy, were taken into custody Thursday by Providence police.

Police told the Providence Journal, the attacking dog, a pitbull-Labrador mix, is being held for a vicious dog hearing. The other dog will be held until it can be confirmed it's been properly registered and vaccinated.

Both dogs were found at 175 Governor St.

According to the newspaper, the dogs' owner, 22-year-old Ariella Palumbo, is out of town until next week. The man who was attending the dogs at the time of the attack has not been identified. The newspaper reported the man let the dogs run off the leash and he left the scene after the attack.

The victim, Jason Feit, had to undergo a series of rabies shots on Wednesday.

The attack took place Saturday as the Fox Point/East Side Little League team was running laps inside a fence at a Gano Street ball field. The unleashed dog was running outside the fence when it found a gap in the fence.

Feit required more than 30 stitches after he was bitten in both his leg and arm.