Police: Family targeted in armed home invasion

South Kingstown police on Tuesday released more details of an armed home invasion in which two adults were injured and marijuana was stolen.

Police said the home on Mooresfield Road was targeted in Sunday's invasion. One of the residents has a medical marijuana license and was growing marijuana in the house, investigators said.

Investigators said the intruders assaulted a man and woman in the house and tied them up with zip ties and duct tape. Two children were put in a separate bedroom, but were not hurt.

Police said the men ransacked the house and fled with money, jewelry and marijuana.

Police described two men who barged into the home as Hispanic.

One was about 5 feet 8 inches tall and 180 pounds. He was wearing camouflage, black gloves and tan shoes that had white soles. Police said the man disguised himself by donning black panty hose over his face and brandished a revolver with wood grips.

The second man was about 5 feet 8 inches tall and 220 pounds. He was wearing a gray New England Patriots sweatshirt with black athletic pants with a white stripe. Police said the man disguised himself by donning a black ski mask over his face and wore fabric gloves with red neoprene palms and finger tips. The intruder had an automatic pistol with a matte silver finish with black grips.

South Kingstown police asked anyone with information about the home invasion or the intruders to call Detective Josh Eidam at 401-783-3321, ext. 318.