Police force sword-wielding man out of East Providence home

Authorities in East Providence used gas to force a man wielding a sword to come out of his home on Delway Road on Thursday.

Police received a call at 6:15 a.m. from a man inside the residence saying his roommate was wielding a sword.

Capt. Bruce Kidman of the East Providence Police Department said the sword-wielding man locked himself in the second-floor bedroom and the roommate left the house.

Police officers arrived, closed off Veterans Memorial Parkway and tried to negotiate with the man.

Kidman said the man was ranting and raving and wouldn't exit the room or house.

According to Kidman, a special response team responded and sent gas into the bedroom through a window. Kidman said it was similar to tear gas and has no lasting effect.

The man exited the building and placed into custody.

Kidman said the man is familiar to police from previous complaints, but incidents in the past have not risen to this level.