Police: Good Samaritan killed trying to intervene in fight

Eric Souza is charged with murder and conspiracy to commit murder

A Massachusetts man was ordered held without bail Monday on murder and conspiracy charges stemming from a fight that left a man dead.

Authorities say 29-year-old Eric Souza, of Assonet, was one of three people involved in a fight on Atwells Avenue in Providence early Sunday morning that eventually led to the fatal stabbing of 22-year-old Satchel Ramos.

Ramos's 26-year-old brother, Clyde Ramos, was stabbed and injured.

In court, the prosecution said Clyde Ramos was stabbed first.

"Which then led to Mr. Ramos being beaten, kicked by another individual and then stabbed by a separate individual. I would tell the court when this defendant was apprehended he had a weapon in his pocket. The weapon ultimately that led to the death of Mr. Ramos was in the hands of one of his co-conspirators," prosecutor Scott Erickson said.

The weapon was discarded and later recovered by police.

Police said the Ramos brothers were trying to help another couple who they saw in a fight with Souza and his alleged co-conspirators, one of whom threw a sucker punch. They were trying to be good Samaritans when the situation turned violent and deadly.

"I admire those people trying to stop the fight. They are very brave. God Bless them," said Mounir Naddaf of Sicilia's Pizzeria.

Naddaf owns a pizzeria down the street from where the stabbings happened. He said he's never seen violence to this extent in his 25 years on Federal Hill.

"It's sad what happened, really very sad," Naddaf said.

Police said officers on patrol witnessed the assault and responded within seconds of the stabbings. They were able to apprehend Souza before he got away.

Officers are still looking for at least one other person involved in the fight. They won't tell NBC 10 if they know who they're looking for.