Dozens of shots fired, one person injured

Providence police said dozens of shots were fired in the city overnight.

Multiple crime scenes set up on Carolina Avenue and Georgia Avenue near the intersection of Allens Avenue.

On Georgia Avenue, three cars in a parking lot were hit with bullets and another car on Carolina Avenue was too.

Two people were in the car on Caroline Avenue, one suffered a leg injury police said. Investigators said they found 27 shell casings.

A witness said he heard gunshots at about 12:30 p.m.

"My business partner's car got shot at three times. He has a Buick and he got shot three times. One of my other co-worker's car got shot once. It bounced off the top of the car. But there's a scratch on it. Den on it that all. But no once got hurt. No one got hurt on the premises," Unsal Arda, owner of Pasha Hookah Bar, told NBC 10.

No arrests have been made as police continue their investigation.