Police investigate alleged sexual assault at PC

Providence police said Wednesday that they are investigating an allegation that two Providence College basketball players sexually assaulted another student on campus.

"The complainant came in on March 6, filed a report of allegations concerning a sexual assault, which she stated happened on the PC campus," Providence police Maj. David Lapatin told NBC 10 News.

The female student at Providence College reported the incident to the college in November.

At that time, the school suspended Rodney Bullock and Brandon Austin from playing in games. The school stated the suspensions were for "not upholding their responsibilities as student-athletes."

But police weren't notified until this month when the female student came forward.

"It's not a usual occurrence. Usually a crime of this magnitude, we usually get it right away," Lapatin said.

Providence College isn't allowed to notify police of a sexual assault, but it does have to investigate allegations and protect students on campus.

In December, the school said Bullock would remain suspended for the rest of the season, but he is allowed to practice with the team and attend games.

Austin transferred to the University of Oregon.

The school conducted an internal investigation, but it won't release the report if the allegations were confirmed.

"In November, we were informed of an incident involving two student-athletes on the men's basketball team. In this situation and all cases like it, our response was immediate and in compliance with our long-standing disciplinary process," the school said in a statement to NBC 10.

Lapatin said information from the college's investigation will be used in the police investigation.

"Whatever Providence College has in their investigation, we will use it. We will look at it," Lapatin said.

Neither man has been questioned by police.

The allegations surfaced as Providence is playing in the NCAA tournament after winning the Big East tournament for the first time in 20 years.

The No. 11 seed Friars are scheduled to play North Carolina on Friday in San Antonio.