Police seek arsonist in series of Providence fires

Arson investigators are looking for a suspect in three fires that broke out Monday night and six more that happened over the weekend.

Providence arson investigators are looking for whoever set a series of fires in the Elmwood section of the city.

Firefighters responded to three fires in the area Monday evening, and NBC 10 has learned that the arsonist may have started six other fires in the past few days.

The first fire Monday was at the back of a garage on Lexington Avenue. The second fire broke out in a brush pile in the front of a house one block away on Ontario Street. The third fire was another block away, at the back of a garage on Congress Avenue.

Carol Campusano and her family were having a cookout in the driveway of the home on Congress Avenue when children playing near the garage spotted the problem.

"One of them said, 'I think there's smoke,'" Campusano said.

The adults ran over.

"All the smoke just went blasting up. We panicked. There was a baby and a lot of us here," Campusano said.

They did not know then that firefighters were just a block away after dealing with the two other fires.

"If it's kids that are doing it, I think the parents should be paying attention to them a little bit more. We had kids playing right there next to the fire pretty much because they were playing against the wall, the garage wall. So, anybody could have gotten hurt," Campusano said.

Nobody was hurt in the series of fires.