Police kill pit bull that attacked 5 people

Phillip Alobwede says Fourth of July started off right Thursday at a North Smithfield duplex on Eddie Dowling Highway.

Everyone was having fun at a cookout, even the neighbor's pit bull.

"At first we were at the cookout, it was all friendly and stuff. It was coming toward us and stuff. It was running with me and so it seemed playful," Alobwede said.

All of a sudden, the party went downhill at about 5:30 p.m.

"We were having a cookout. Everyone was outside and then someone let him out and then he started attacking," said Joseph Bishop Jr. "He just started attacking Phil and went crazy."

Bishop jumped to his friend's defense, but ended up under attack too. After it was over, he had serious injuries to his leg, arm and back.

"He almost made (one of my legs) unusable," Bishop said.

Bishop said about 20 people, including children, were at the cookout when the attack happened.

Someone called 911 and when police arrived, officers tried to pepper spray the dog but it didn't have any effect. They shot and killed it when it tried to attack them.

"The officer shot him. He didn't die, so the officer shot him again. And then they rushed us all to the hospital," Bishop said.

Five adults were taken to Landmark Medical Center for treatment.

Police said the victims were taking care of the dog while its owner was on vacation.

A friend of the dog's owner told NBC 10 that the owner was shocked when he learned of the attack, but was also mourning the loss of a family pet the owner says wasn't a problem until Thursday.