Police release radio calls in officer's shooting

New Bedford police on Tuesday released radio transmissions from the night one of their own officers was shot.

Officers were on a drug raid Friday night when police say one of the suspects opened fire.

"244 Davis Street. There's shots fired. Shots fired. Can you send a unit? Get a medic up here," a voice says on the transmission.

Police released about five minutes of the radio calls. They reveal anxious moments at first, then calm.

"We got one officer who may have been shot. He's already en route to the hospital. We have the house surrounded. We might have a couple units on the second floor," the transmission continues.

The shooting occurred while police were executing a search warrant and were attempting to breach the door with a battering ram.

"We hit the house. We're in the apartment. We've got everyone out now. Just have the cruiser stop right there on the boulevard. Don't anyone come down the street," the transmission says.

The officer who was struck, Detective Jonathan Lagoa, has been released from the hospital.

The shooting suspect, Nathan Manuel-Jackson, and another man are being held without bail.

Police said Manuel-Jackson claimed he started firing because he thought someone was breaking in.