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      Police release report on deadly campus crash

      A driver who lost control of his car and crashed into a tree at Bryant University killing one of his passengers on Oct. 24 was reaching for something at the time of the accident, according to a Smithfield police report released Thursday.

      According to the report, police said the driver of the car, Matthew Neslusan, "left the roadway on a curve while attempting to remove an item from the car's center console."

      The crash happened at about 1 a.m.

      Freshman Chris Barbosa died from his injuries while being treated at Rhode Island Hospital. He was sitting in the back seat.

      Three others, Andros Soler-Roig, Zahaan Irani and Jorge, Nugueroles, were all injured in the crash.

      According to the report, none of the back seat passengers was wearing seatbelts.