Police report: Officer accused in a drunken house break

A witness at a home in Warwick claims a Johnston police officer has a serious drug problem and that's why she came barging into his house, according to a police report obtained Thursday by NBC 10 News.

Officer Marisa Ciccone was charged with assault and breaking and entering. She has been a Johnston police officer for less than a year.

According to the police report, a homeowner on Byron Boulevard told officers that Ciccone came into his house uninvited Monday and punched his niece in the face.

The witness said when Ciccone came in, she started yelling and swearing, "Where is my (expletive) money?" and "Where is my drugs?" while she was apparently looking for someone who had lived in the house.

The homeowner said he had kicked out the person Ciccone was apparently looking for.

The homeowner said Ciccone was highly intoxicated and kept repeating that she was going to get her gun and blow everybody away.

Ciccone then allegedly started throwing things off a dresser and punched the homeowner's niece in the face when the niece tried to protect her mother from Ciccone.

The homeowner told NBC 10 that Ciccone was looking for her drug partner.

According to the police report, he told officers that Ciccone has a serious cocaine problem, that his former roommate and Ciccone made drug deals, and that the former roommate was holding Ciccone's share of the profit and that's why she was looking for him.

NBC 10 went to Ciccone's house Wednesday for comment, but a reporter was turned away.

Ciccone's boyfriend was allegedly with her. James Fortin, of Warren, was also charged with breaking and entering.

Ciccone was suspended from the Johnston police without pay.