Police report: Hernandez taunted by crowd in Providence

A Providence police report says officers diffused a situation involving Aaron Hernandez on the East Side about a month ago.

Hernandez appears to be the victim in the incident, which apparently has nothing to do with the current investigation into his possible involvement in the discovery of a man's body in North Attleborough.

According to a police report obtained by the I-Team, Hernandez was at a night spot on Thayer Street at about 2:30 a.m. on May 18.

Police said the football player was "being taunted by a black man who stated to Hernandez, '(Expletive) the Patriots. I'm a Jets fan.'"

Police said the man continued to taunt Hernandez, who was attempting to walk away. Several other men joined the man and taunted Hernandez.

The group followed Hernandez to his car, where police detained all the subjects and Hernandez left the scene.

During this whole time, a police officer noticed a black, heavy set man wearing a striped shirt discard a gun under a car parked on the street. The man fled the scene.

Police found the gun, a .22 special that had several rounds of ammunition in the magazine. No one was arrested.