Police report: Teens say adult was serving alcohol

A police report obtained Monday by NBC 10 offered new details about a birthday party in Westerly at which teens were allegedly drinking alcohol.

The party happened Jan. 31 at the Benny Drive home of 41-year-old Brian Holdredge, who threw the party for his daughter.

Holdredge was not home Monday, but here's part of the statement he posted to Facebook and sent it to NBC 10 over the weekend.

"It is a lesson I will not soon forget and a strong message to my children, my friends, my family and to myself. I have embarrassed myself and my family and that is shame I have to live with ... My sincerest apologies to you all," the statement said.

Whether Holdredge knew about the teen drinking is still being investigated.

Police learned of the party Thursday after Westerly Middle School officials contacted them.

In a police report, middle school students who attended the birthday party said Holdredge and his girlfriend were drinking at the party.

Some of the students said they saw Holdredge pour his daughter some alcohol. One girl said Holdredge poured her some coffee-flavored Tequila.

Other students reported that Crown Royale, Jim Beam and Café Patron were in the house at the time of the party.