Providence teen shot during graduation party

A Providence teenager was treated and released from Hasbro Children's Hospital on Sunday night after police said she was shot in the lower back during a kindergarten graduation party.

While hosting the party for her 5-year-old nephew, Melisa Lawrence told NBC 10 she got into a dispute with a neighbor who crashed the party.

"It was all over a plate of food. He brought the plate near my face and I slapped it out of his hands. We passed words," she said.

"My son punched him in the mouth. I guess he felt insulted by that."

Insulted enough that he returned to the party with a group of friends, and had someone fire shots at the party.

Lawrence's 16-year-old daughter Nyasia was shot.

"I love my daughter. She took the bullet, but she's going to be OK. She's going to be perfectly fine though," she said.

Lawrence said the bullet is still lodged in her daughter.

She said a lot of the children who attended the party had already left, but that those who were still there were left traumatized.

"A couple of my friends, their kids are sad, still crying, don't know why it happened," Lawrence said.

Providence police are looking for the shooter.

"I'll be glad when the police get him. I hope they get charged with premeditated attempted murder," she said.

Lawrence said the incident angered her, but did not put fear in her heart.

"I'm going to say a prayer for you guys. You all know what you did but I'm a pray for you," she said.

No arrests have been made.