Police arrest suspect in vodka thefts

Warwick police said Tuesday they've arrested a man suspected in a series of liquor store thefts that were caught on camera.

NBC 10 News and other stations aired the video Monday night, and police said someone came forward and identified the thief.

Tawan Burgess, 32 of Warwick was charged with two counts of shoplifting from Haxton's Liquor Store at 1222 Bald Hill Road and Haxton's West Bay Liquors at 2430 West Shore Road. Burgess is also suspected of stealing vodka from a liquor store in West Warwick.

Surveillance video shows a man pocketing bottles of Ciroc vodka and leaving the stores.

Paul Joyal, owner of Joyal's Liquors in West Warwick, said his store has been hit.

"It's just blatant. The guy takes the bottles, puts them in his pocket, walks out, thinks nothing of it, goes to another store. He's going store to store," Joyal said.

Mike Mangili, owner of Microtech Surveillance Systems, manages the security cameras at several of the stores.

"The guy just used baggy pants," Mangili said. "You could tell he was a little nervous, but he's very comfortable because he's getting away with it."

"The serial thief is what this guy is," Mangili said. "Go around the Ciroc and you'll know he'll be there."

Joyal said the shoplifting doesn't surprise him.

"Years back it used to really make you angry. Today, I almost expect it. People have no morals anymore," Joyal said.