Suspect in gang altercation held

Lang Lek is arraigned in Providence District Court on Tuesday, May 27, 2014.

A man who was stabbed during what police called a gang altercation at Colt State Park in Bristol was held Tuesday on $75,000 bail.

Twenty-four-year Lang Lek walked into Providence District Court wearing a hospital gown. Hours before he was being treated at Rhode Island Hospital.

Lek did not enter a plea at his arraignment on numerous felony charges, including assault, firing a weapon in a compact area and other counts for his role in a gang-related fight at Colt State Park in Bristol Sunday.

"Apparently this stemmed over some sort of problem in the food line. During that occasion, the victim in this matter alleged to have been assaulted by numerous people. As he tried to flee, he was shot," a prosecutor said.

The victim was Jordan Lyttle, 23, of Fall River. Police said Lek was the shooter and that he shot Lyttle several times in the stomach, arm and groin.

State police said they found Lek fleeing the scene with a 9 mm semiautomatic handgun.

"Based on the circumstantial nature of the case, the fact that the defendant was fleeing the jurisdiction, the car matches, the gun caliber does match, his injuries consistent with an altercation, the state would suggest at least at this time, probable cause is more than sufficient," the prosecutor said.

The hospital gown hid Lek's injuries, but he was stabbed several times in the stomach.

State police say the fight involved Blood gang members attending a holiday weekend cookout.

Officials said Lek is known to police in Massachusetts, where he lives.

Lyttle is not facing any charges for his part in the altercation.